Celebrating 200 Years of the Mexican Navy

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In front of naval authorities Mayor recognizes the work of women and man of the sea.

This Monday was inaugurated in the central courtyard of Puerto Vallarta's City Hall the Commemorative Exhibition commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Mexican Navy. Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodriguez expressed his deep appreciation to the women and men of the sea, who exalt and safeguard national sovereignty through their values of patriotism and loyalty, while inaugurating the exhibit together with naval authorities. He pointed out that this is a special date, which accounts for the creation and evolution of an honorable institution that protects Mexico's maritime interests. "A bicentennial that summons us to union and love for our country, through the example of those who have the power and protection of our seas, which is why they are undoubtedly the pride of Mexico".

HISTORICAL FACTS In turn, Vice Admiral José Manuel Pomares Contreras, commander of the 8th Naval Zone, emphasized that the purpose of this exhibition, which also integrates the pictorial and literary art of local creators, seeks to exhibit and disseminate the origins of this noble institution, making tangible the historical events in which the Mexican Navy has participated and the role of integration that it has maintained, as well as the coexistence with the population. Both authorities, accompanied by Rear Admiral César Olivares Acosta, cut the inaugural ribbon and toured this exhibition, where they received works by painter Luis Butrón that depict the tradition of the Navy, as well as the cultural aspects that distinguish Jalisco. They also received a copy of the book "Puerto Vallarta in my memories" by Mrs. Catalina Montes de Oca from the director of the Los Mangos library.

COMMEMORATIVE ACT Previously, at the facilities of the 8th Naval Zone, the official commemorative act for the "200 years of the Mexican Navy" took place, headed by Vice Admiral José Manuel Pomares Contreras and attended by the director of Citizen Security, Captain Luis Fernando Muñoz Ortega, on behalf of the mayor of Vallarta, Captain Luis Fernando Muñoz Ortega. Pomares Contreras, was in charge of reading the message issued by the high command of the Secretary of the Navy, recalling that this 2021, Mexicans have commemorated a series of events of great historical relevance that have exalted the greatness of Mexico and with it, the importance of its past, its culture and the present that we all build..