Change Of Command In Vallarta's Naval Zone: The Mexican Secretary Of The Navy Performed The Respective Ceremony At The Port

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This Friday the reception of the weapons command of the Eighth Naval Zone of Puerto Vallarta was held by agreement of the high command of the Mexican Navy, this as part of the permanent rotation of personnel and with the purpose of the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico continuing with the fulfillment of its mission and attributions.

During the ceremony, in the presence of naval authorities, the Vice Admiral General Staff, José Manuel Pomares Contreras, received the command of the Eighth Naval Zone, by delivery of the Vice Admiral General Staff, Benjamín Narciso Mar Berman. It is worth mentioning that the Vice Admiral General Staff is originally from Coatepec, Veracruz, and graduated as a Marine Guard from the Heroic Naval School. He has a Masters Degree in Naval Administration and National Security from the Center for Higher Naval Studies. He has been commander of several surface units, as well as of the Naval Sector in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, director of electronic logistics and computer systems development, area director in the Deputy General Directorate of Naval Construction, twice served as private secretary to the Undersecretary of the Navy and has held the positions of chief of staff, of the Ninth Naval Zone in Yukalpeten and command inspector in the Sixth Naval Region in Manzanillo, Colima. It is important to emphasize that he has been awarded the third and second class decorations of exceptional perseverance for having completed 40 and 45 years in the active service of the Mexican Navy. The above in the terms established by the Constitution of the United Mexican States, the laws derived from it.