Contagion Continues To Drop Here In PV

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The Secretary of Health confirms the downward trend that Puerto Vallarta is experiencing in coronavirus cases. 


The Jalisco Secretary of Health once again confirmed the downward trend Puerto Vallarta has been experiencing for the past few weeks in the number of positive cases of coronavirus and deaths due to this disease. According to the state agency, last weekend was very good for Puerto Vallarta, which reported only three infections of coronavirus and only one death in the last three days. According to the figures of Salud Jalisco last Friday, November 20th the municipality reported zero positive cases and one death due to Covid-19; on Saturday, November 21st there were 2 infections and zero deaths, while on Sunday, November 22nd the municipality reported only one positive case and zero deaths, for a total of 4,479 infections and 271 deaths. 

So far this month of November, which has the lowest number of infections since the coronavirus pandemic began to grow in the tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta, there are 204 positive cases, which means an average of 9.2 positive cases per day. That is why the Jalisco Health Department insists on reminding the population of Puerto Vallarta, in general, that it is necessary to postpone celebrations and meetings of all kinds, both those held in halls, terraces, clubs and common spaces, as well as those held in private homes, where no more than ten people should coincide. Likewise, the state agency invites people to stay in public spaces for a short time, to use your facemask properly, since it can reduce up to 90 percent chances of infection, to avoid crowds -especially in closed places- to keep a distance of 1.5 meters between people and to wash their hands frequently with soap and water or to use hand sanitizing gel.