Covid Infections on the Decline

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Puerto Vallarta reports a considerable drop in the number of Covid infections this week with only 37 positive cases.

The Secretary of Jalisco confirmed that in the third week of March Puerto Vallarta reported only 37 positive cases of the disease, a figure that is the lowest so far recorded in the tourist destination in the 10 most recent months of the pandemic, of which the number of contagions had been steadily increasing. In April and May of last year the Jalisco Ministry of Health reported 53 and 191 positive cases of covid-19, respectively, and at that time the number of people infected by the pandemic was just going upwards, and in 580 contagions of coronavirus were registered. Thus, according to the figures reported by the Secretary of Health of Jalisco in the third week of March, finally, the number of positive cases of the disease remained below half a hundred cases, as an unequivocal symptom that the disease has subsided significantly in Puerto Vallarta. Maintaining low numbers will come at the price of taking extra precautions during the Holy Week season, which has been qualified as high risk, both by the health authorities as well as by the experts.


It is for this reason that prior to the beginning of the Holy Week season, next Sunday March 28th, the Jalisco Secretary of Health has intensified its call to the population in general to follow the protocols and sanitary measures of prevention against the coronavirus. The Jalisco Ministry of Health also urges the population to participate in the vaccination days against Covid-19, respecting the municipality of residence, in order to advance in the immunization process in a homogeneous way and cover complete territories. In this sense, it is important to remember that the number of doses assigned by the federal government is based on the number of inhabitants of each municipal territory and that, in due time, there will be vaccines for all municipalities.