Covid Vaccines Arrive In Jalisco Today

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Jalisco and Puerto Vallarta are preparing to receive their first coronavirus vaccines 


The government of the state of Jalisco confirmed for today the reception of the packages that bring the first vaccines against the coronavirus and the consequent delivery to the distribution center established for the entity. 

The reception of the first vaccines is scheduled to take place at 6:15 p.m. this Tuesday, in an event that will be headed by the state governor and the Jalisco Health Secretary, which will be held at Military Air Base No. 5 located at Aviación Militar No. 5851, Colonia La Estrada Campo Militar, in the municipality of Zapopan.

 According to the programming of the state government, this first delivery of packages with the first vaccines against the coronavirus consists of 32 thousand, 175 doses that will be applied from January 12 to 18. Meanwhile, there will be a second delivery of vaccine packages with 26 thousand 325 that will be applied from January 19 to 25, finally the third delivery of doses against covid-19 will consist of 23 thousand 400 vaccines that will be applied from January 26 to February 1. 


On the other hand, it was reported that the vaccines will arrive in Puerto Vallarta during the first days of February, according to the forecasts of the Jalisco Secretary of Health. In this case, these first vaccines against the coronavirus would be applied. First, to the medical personnel of the hospitals that are programmed to receive this dose, that is to say, the first ones to receive the dose will be the medical, nursing, stretcher bearers and paramedics among other health workers, who are in the first line of attention of the disease and whose work is associated to the attention given in medical units of Puerto Vallarta. 

This Monday it was also informed that the personnel of the 41st Military Zone, of the 8th Naval Zone and of the National Guard are already prepared for the reception and transfer of the packages of the coronavirus vaccines that will be delivered in each one of the hospitals of Puerto Vallarta, offering the security and safety of the vaccines and of the hospitals in the city.