Crocodile Captured

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In case of encountering a crocodile out of its habitat, report it to 911.

Although it may seem illogical to observe a crocodile out of its habitat, it is very normal in this hurricane season, so the authorities recommend to keep your distance from them, and notify the experts in crocodile capture. The municipal government, through the Subdirección del Medio Ambiente, received a citizen report regarding the sighting of a crocodile of 1. 52 meters in the area of the Cuale River, so they proceeded to capture it, to be relocated to a safe area, to avoid risks to the population. To avoid any confrontation with the species, as recently there have been cases where people have been in the need to fight with the animal, In this case it was unfortunately a tourist who went for a swim in the sea at a beach in Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta, where he was surprised by the animal, as well as in the Marina at Marriott beach a woman was bitten several times in the leg.

With these facts presented through the Subdirection of the Environment, the municipal government will be receiving reports to relocate these reptiles in their habitat. It is important to mention that the crocodiles have been moving from the rivers to the sea and even to some areas near the beaches, events that did not occur before even with the storms, however, they have been occurring especially with the new constructions allowed under the Ameca River, where before it was their habitat, being forced to move to another place like the Marina and the beaches where national and foreign tourists swim, and they have even been observed in some streets of the city. It is easy to recognize the crocodiles that inhabited the Ameca River, as they are large and heavy reptiles, as reported by experts.