Crocodile Sculpture In The El Salado Estuary

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It will be a 6 meter long reptile sculpture.

A six meter long crocodile sculpture will be the new access icon to the Natural Protected Area (NPA) El Salado Estuary, with the purpose of fully identifying the place. The piece, which will be made by sculptor Ramiro Méndez with the supervision of sculptor Octavio González (author of the Whale of Marina Vallarta) will be inserted as part of the improvements being made in the ANP by the state government, but will be privately financed. The director of the ANP, Jaime Torres Guerrero, explained that although the works being carried out are behind schedule, progress is expected this year with the rehabilitation of the entrance with the new sculpture, the walkways, the docks and the erection of the new bird watching tower and the whole area.

ARTISTIC PROJECT On his part, sculptor Octavio Gonzalez explained that the project arose from the concern of giving an icon to this area so important for Puerto Vallarta and the region but so unknown to many, who only identify it with a wire fence and a jungle terrain. He mentioned that one of his apprentices, the sculptor Ramiro Méndez, is ready to take a leap forward with the realization and casting of the piece. The renowned sculptor, who gave Marina Vallarta a symbol with the famous monumental whale, explained that in order to finance it they will create 150 model pieces of approximately 30 centimeters, which will be sold at a value of 12 thousand pesos, of which they have already sold six, in order to obtain the resources to make it. Regarding the deadline for the work, he said that there was a stipulated date for the month of March, which they will try to meet. The location of the sculpture will be coupled to the project of works that the government of the state of Jalisco is carrying out in the access to that place.

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