Crocodiles Could Become Extinct in the Region

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According to a recent study, the crocodiles that inhabit Banderas Bay do not live very long.

A study conducted by the Centro Universitario de la Costa of the University of Guadalajara, published on September 23, 2018, it is noted that they have worked with about 120 individuals, newborns, they were marked, released into the ecosystem and it was known where they were. In five months, "85 percent of the population had been lost", According to the study elaborated by the researcher and doctor Helios Hernandez Hurtado, there are only 45 adult crocodiles in the area, measuring more than two meters. Regarding the number of nests, they do not exceed a dozen, which also represents a low number; in addition, there are around 100 young crocodiles. It is estimated that one crocodile for every 100 reaches adulthood, although that figure could be lower in the area. "In the last 8 years (2018), we have more than 15 dead crocodiles , all larger than two and a half meters, they have died run over , machetes or captured with hooks made with construction rods " and even some have been shot by unconscious people.

HUMAN UNCONSCIOUSNESS Hernandez Hurtado explained that this region is a crocodile zone, the river crocodile is the most abundant species in this region and in the Mexican Pacific and currently there are several factors that prevent crocodiles from reaching their adult stage. "We have found nests where people, in a syndrome of madness and destruction, arrive and kill everyone. We have found a whole nest of about 35 crocodiles crushed", pointed out the researcher.