Crocodiles Found On Nuevo Vallarta's Beaches And They Are Closed

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Authorities ask not to enter the beach from the Sambai to the RIU hotels.

Authorities of Nayarit closed the beaches in Nuevo Vallarta due to crocodile sightings, from the area of the Sambal hotels to the RIU. The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection closed this Wednesday morning the beach from the Sambal hotels to the RIU in Nuevo Vallarta (Banderas Bay), due to the sighting of crocodiles in the area. On the 5th of this month, another similar report, in which a tourist was attacked by a crocodile, led to the closure of Mozzamar beach, also in the same stretch of the Riviera Nayarit. For the safety of the tourists, they will not be able to access the beaches this vacation until they verify that these beaches are safe.

Elements of the SSPC, carry out a permanent surveillance operation so that citizens are not at risk and also to catch the crocodiles and reintegrate them to their natural habitat. There is also extreme vigilance so that swimmers do not enter the sea, as well as the purple flag that is cordoned off both sides of the beaches, since there are people who do not measure the danger and access the prohibited areas. Tourists are in danger if they go swimming in the beaches of Nuevo Vallarta, due to the presence of several crocodiles stalking the area, so they will be closed to the public until further notice, so authorities ask people to respect the danger flag and not to approach the area, after accidents have already been reported where crocodiles have attacked people in that place, which represents a danger for the tourist who accesses the sea.