Cyclist's Tour of the Bay Comes to an End

Around The Bay
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Spectacular views, sunsets and sunrises, an adventure along the bay.

Armando Villaseñor informed this media that they left El Tuitto in the morning and arrived at Punta de Mita at 6 p.m. which took them 12 hours in record time. It is important to note that these young athletes have an excellent condition to be able to carry out their objectives in time, while enjoying the trip with the view of the sea and the mountains; they commented to this media, that it was a great experience they lived and thank God everything went very well, a little tired but very excited to have been able to achieve their goal and without setbacks. They also returned very well considering the dangers on the road or the road in the mountains and streets as well as avenues and the road to Punta de Mita.

It was an adventure and a thrill to have toured these beautiful places and enjoy the scenery that Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit have to offer. The tour of the bay was undoubtedly a spectacle as these young people were able to experience sunsets., sunrises and sea views, as well as they also commented that they suffered from the strong heat and humidity that they felt during the tour, for which they required a lot of hydration. During these days they had the opportunity to experience the companionship that exists among the young people who participated and who like this sport, which also requires a mountain bike and a lot of effort to reach the goal, as Armando Villaseñor commented, who was at all times attending to the coverage that Vallarta Today gave to this great bicycle tour through the Bay of Banderas.

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