Cyclists on International Women's Day in Puerto Vallarta

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A bicycle ride from Marina Vallarta to the Malecon and back for the respect of gender equality, but above all to emphasize that women deserve to be respected and valued, and in addition the recognition before society, which in this case was the people of Puerto Vallarta.

Around 100 cyclists, 85 of which were women and the rest men, commemorated last Monday the International Women's Day in Puerto Vallarta, for which they organized a bicycle ride from Marina Vallarta to the Malecon and back. Their intention was to create awareness of the need to respect and value gender equality, but above all to point out that women deserve respect and recognition for the activities they perform on a daily basis. The aspects highlighted in this celebration were equality and respect, as well as the integrity of women above all. 

In the framework of International Women's Day, hundreds of women marched along the main avenue of Puerto Vallarta to demand to be treated equally as men and to put a stop to femicides. Women of all ages participated in this tour, who wore pink blouses and accessories of the same color, while men accompanied the women wearing shirts with pink designs as a symbol of solidarity. Pictures of all the cyclists present on this day were taken at the arches on the Malecon, and then they continued their journey along Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue until they reached the Marina where they said goodbye to return to their homes.

It is worth mentioning that every year more women join on this occasion, and on this year the presence of men was noticed, who respect this ideology and of course showed respect to women with their presence.

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