Early Morning 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake In Vallarta

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six other earthquakes of regular intensity have been registered this day in Jalisco

Early Sunday morning a 4.4 magnitude earthquake was registered in the region of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas.

The National Seismological Service informed that the earthquake was registered at 6:30 a.m., offshore 307 kilometers southeast of Puerto Vallarta and at a depth of 13 kilometers.

According to the Municipal Civil Protection Unit of Puerto Vallarta, due to the time and magnitude of the earthquake, it was almost imperceptible to most of the population, and no damage of any kind was reported.

According to the report of the National Seismological Service, six other earthquakes of regular intensity have been registered this day in the southern zone of the state of Jalisco and the north of the state of Colima, with no consequences to lament.

This type of phenomena usually happens when there are events at sea, so it is important to be attentive to the indications of the authorities, who are constantly monitoring events such as earthquakes in this case, which occur unexpected, but is important to be informed for any report of the behavior of the same, especially for boats that go out to sea with tourists for their safety; fortunately there was no damage due to the magnitude and went unnoticed among the population, but it is important to be aware.
The epicenter is the point on the earth's surface directly above the hypocenter. Depending on its magnitude and origin, an earthquake can cause displacements of the earth's crust (also called tsunamis) or volcanic activity.

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