Emergency Button Preferential Treatment To Puerto Vallarta

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The activities will stop at night from Monday to Sunday from 8:30 p.m. to 5:59 a.m. the next day; beaches will only be open from 5:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


 The government of Jalisco announced that starting tomorrow some productive activities will be partially suspended and schedules will be restricted due to the health emergency button activated in view of the growing number of coronavirus infections. The governor informed in his social networks that the decision was taken with the objective of cutting the chains of COVID-19 infections, among the people of Jalisco and he clarified that it will not represent a total stop of activities in the state, where Puerto Vallarta will have a preferential treatment. After analyzing and evaluating the rhythm of the virus in the state in the last few days and taking into account the indicators established to press the button to reach 400 cases of incidence per million inhabitants or to exceed 50% saturation of the hospital system, the restriction of activities in the whole entity will be activated for 14 days. At last Sunday's cut, the weekly incidence rate was 396.7, that is, it was at the limit. However, the cut made yesterday reached 201 cases in the weekly incidence rate, with information from only three days, which if this dynamic continues would increase 67 cases in the rate per day and reach next Sunday with almost 469 cases, would exceed the limit of cases. MEASURES and TIMETABLES IN PUERTO VALLARTA In the case of Puerto Vallarta the operation of the emergency button will be different because 90% of its economic activity depends on tourism and 65% of the economic income of that municipality is generated on weekends. In the Port, the measures will come into effect on Friday October 30th at 8:30 pm and will end on Friday November 13th at 5:59 am. In Puerto Vallarta all hospital services and private or public medical equipment will be allowed to operate without time restrictions; pharmacies, clinics, laboratories and veterinarians; convenience stores and grocery stores; industry and its logistic operation; public and private security services; rescue and civil protection equipment. In addition to this, there are basic services such as energy, water and telecommunications, public and private; postal service, parcels, courier service; gas stations and gas stations; insurance company adjusters; butcher stores, gun stores and tortilla stores; cab services, (not platform); restaurants with home service only. As well as platform for this purpose. The hotels without activity, in common areas, funeral services and airports and bus terminals with the respective commercial restrictions will not have schedule restrictions either. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IN PUERTO VALLARTA The operation of public transport must be suspended from Monday to Sunday from 9:59 p.m., restarting at 5:30 a.m. the next day. After 9:59 p.m., only the transport units will be allowed to circulate to lower the passengers until they finish their journey and arrive at their confinement areas for overnight stays. The services of transport and platform companies will be able to accept until 20:59 hours, which implies that they will be able to operate the end of said trip. The operation of the cab service will be provided with the recommended cleaning and hygiene measures and the night rates (20:00 hours to 6:00 hours) will be 1. Center 60 pesos 2. Extreme 85 weights. In order to ensure the health of the people of Jalisco as an action to maintain that right, the emergency button will allow to reduce the exposure of people in risk environment, reduce the interaction between people with transportation beyond the work and possible positive, reduce the mobility of citizens, protect people and groups at risk, as well as reduce the speed of contagion and keep low hospitalization rates.