Emergency Button Rules Are Being Followed: Vallarta Complies With Regulations

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Puerto Vallarta is complying with the measures and dispositions decreed by the governor of the state, Enrique Alfaro Martinez, after the application of the emergency button last Friday, as it has been possible to verify in the different inspection and supervision operations that are carried out in the city, assured the president of Puerto Vallarta, Arturo Davalos Peña. In a virtual meeting of the Executive Council of Public Security IX of the North Coast, the mayor of Vallarta was pleased that these measures are giving results in this Port and in the whole entity, since the state leader informed that the numbers of COVID-19 infections have decreased.

"This makes us very happy, since each of the tables installed throughout the state are working, working, redoubling their efforts and it is not easy," he said. He indicated that after the implementation of these provisions, a step backward was taken in what had been achieved for the reactivation of this tourist destination, but surely it was to gain momentum towards economic recovery, always seeking a balance with health. WORK REPORT In this context, Davalos Peña presented a report of the work done in Puerto Vallarta with the application of the emergency button, which was done in a different way than in the rest of the municipalities of the state, since the activities here stop at 9:00 at night. It is necessary to point out that on behalf of the Department of Public Safety and Municipal Roads, surveillance patrols are carried out on the avenues, verifying that public transportation complies with the agreement to provide service until 10:00, since the companies and businesses accepted to let their workers out at that time. As for the cab service, he said that no cases of excessive charges have been received. Regarding the beaches, where only people are allowed to be present from 5:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon, he indicated that vigilance is maintained by Civil Protection and Fire Department personnel, with the support of Inspection and regulations, as well as the National Guard, so that incidents have been minor and most people who come to these spaces accept the provisions.