Everything Ready for the Return to Classes

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The return to classes will be voluntary

The municipality of Puerto Vallarta is carrying out supervisory work in local schools, with the purpose of ensuring that they are in optimal conditions before the start of the 2021-2022 school year next Monday, August 30, and although the return to classes will be voluntary, they will be checked to ensure that they are clean and sanitized places for the students. The supervision tours are being conducted by school zones, with the presence of area supervisors, as well as school principals, parents' representatives, and elements of Civil Protection or Citizen Security, in the schools where there have been cases of vandalism, in order to take the appropriate measures.

The Regional Delegation of Educational Services (Derse), in the north coast of Jalisco, informed through a press release that the supervision has been taking place for several weeks in the municipalities of this region, in the case of Puerto Vallarta there is a mixed committee that carries out the evaluations of the schools based on a list of points to comply with, which includes perimeter areas, walls or fences, accesses, corridors, classrooms, as well as playgrounds, green areas and administrative offices. The intention is that starting next Monday the schools of Puerto Vallarta will be ready to receive the students whose parents decide to send them to classes, for which they must be clean and in good condition. The best conditions of cleanliness, according to the sanitation protocol of the schools, which includes very punctual actions of disinfection of the areas where the students will be, with the intention of reducing to the minimum the risks of contagion of covid-19.