Expo Chamba Job Fair Kicks Off This Month In Puerto Vallarta

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Authorities and government announce will be held on March 23rd and 24th at Hidalgo Park

Authorities and companies confirmed that the Expo Chamba Job Fair will be held in Puerto Vallarta on March 23rd and 24th at Hidalgo Park in this city. The organization of this job expo is part of the recent collaboration between Expo Chamba (a social enterprise for job placement) and the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta through the Department of Tourism and Economic Development and in coordination with the Sub-Directorate of Business Development. Thus, the job expo will be held at Hidalgo Park in downtown Puerto Vallarta from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
This Expo Chamba Job Fair in Puerto Vallarta will count with the participation of 20 companies from different business lines, which will offer vacancies in administrative, restaurant, operational, tourism, sales and customer service areas, among others. According to Pedro Carbajal, general director of Expo Chamba of Grupo Carbagod SAS, all participating companies are legally incorporated and are part of the Expo Chamba Business Network. The expo will seek to contribute to the reactivation and labor linkage of the population of Puerto Vallarta, therefore the invitation is extended to all citizens who are looking for work, since the expo will make known the job offers available in companies and businesses of this city.
This job fair comes at a time when the economy has been reactivated in Puerto Vallarta, and more options are opening up to find a more stable job, and to support the businessmen who need personnel to continue offering quality service to tourism.