Filters at Beaches and Accesses to Puerto Vallarta

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Filters will be installed to avoid agglomerations in the city during the Easter vacations.

An operation will be carried out during the vacation season as part of the actions implemented during the Easter season. This was informed by the Civil Protection authorities of Puerto Vallarta, who will maintain vigilance on highways, beaches, and the boardwalk of this port with the objective of informing visitors of the restrictions on beach hours, as it is a tourist destination. Due to the pandemic caused by Covid, this was announced by the state government's health office, in conjunction with the security measures that will be carried out throughout the port to prevent contagions and safeguard the integrity of all.

Filters will be installed in Boca de Tomates, Boca de Tomatlan, and on highway 544 at the height of Las Palmas, where the personnel will inform visitors about some recommendations such as the use of masks, keeping a healthy distance in the different areas, and the beach hours, among others. On the beaches there will be tarpaulins to ensure people respect the allowed hours, as well as to avoid crowds of people and avoid a possible rebound of the disease, in addition to filters to avoid the high consumption of alcohol or the problems that can be caused by it. Especially on the boardwalk and the main streets these actions will be taken to prevent people from littering glass bottles and sharp objects, all this to protect families. All in all, Puerto Vallarta welcomes visitors to come and enjoy all the amenities offered here, while maintaining safety and security for everyone.

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