Fines of 35 Thousand Pesos For Those Who Use The InDriver App

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Diego Monraz, whom is the Secretary of Transportation of the entity announced that since the Indriver application is not allowed, drivers could be fined up to 35 thousand pesos if they chose to use it.

The Indriver application is forbidden to be used, and whoever uses it will be sanctioned for violating the law. The Secretary of Transportation in the state of Jalisco, Diego Monraz, who recently stated that the use of the InDriver application is discouraged, since it is not registered, there are risks for the users and there are no guarantees for a safe service,  which can be monitored or regulated by the authorities. 

He mentioned that there had already been an approach with this company to be regulated but there has been no favorable response, so the only one that can operate in the city is Uber. In this sense, he invited InDriver drivers to work in legality since irregularity and piracy will cost them an economic sanction. However, many drivers work on the platform because Uber takes from them, according to their own testimonies, a high percentage of commission, so they prefer the other platform , where the customer offers an amount of money for the requested trip and the driver can accept, decline, and even negotiate the fare. 

So it represents more trips and a little more money. However, they also claimed that there were many problems with the other application that was not in compliance. It is worth mentioning that InDriver operates freely in Puerto Vallarta.

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