Fire Reported in Downtown

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The affected place is a restaurant located in that area

A series of actions have been taking place in the city, in which authorities of the three levels have had to attend, and it is not for less that have arisen in different areas and different situations as the recent case of the fire in the center of the city, where several premises were set on fire and there were material damages. Likewise; the accident that occurred on Wednesday, almost at the end of the afternoon, where a car accident occurred, where a van in which elderly people were traveling, overturned on Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, in which the transit authorities and Civil Protection had to close one of the lanes of the main avenue, to attend the case in which fortunately the people suffered minor injuries.

The intense mobility that was generated in the main avenue, with the sound of the ambulance, the sirens of Civil Protection and Transit, as well as the closure of the central lane called much attention of those who were passing through the place. Finally yesterday Thursday morning a fire broke out inside a restaurant located in the center of Puerto Vallarta, where personnel from the Police, Transit, Fire Department and Civil Protection of the State of Vallarta arrived. A lot of smoke was coming out of the interior of the restaurant, so the Municipal Police officers of the tourist area came to verify the facts. This required the presence of Firefighters, in support of the State Civil Protection Unit and Jalisco Firefighters, who forced their way in through one of the upper windows and proceeded to extinguish the fire. It was reported that the fire occurred in a wooden roof. Some boards were damaged. No major damage or injuries were reported.

fire reported vallarta

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