First Whales Arrive In Banderas Bay

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Boat captains claim to have seen them

Puerto Vallarta receives the first sightings of humpback whales. Boat captains in Marina Vallarta confirm having seen several cetaceans in the waters of the Bay.

The bay is a sanctuary for a great variety of species and marine life, where for many the humpback whale is the most significant.

Every year from October to April, Puerto Vallarta is privileged to have the splendor and grace of the humpback whales, which travel great distances in search of the tranquility and warmth of the waters of the Pacific Ocean for the birth of their calves. The first ones pass through and a little later the ones that stay longer in the area.

According to biologists who conduct research on these marine mammals in the region, the whales normally arrive with the California ocean current, which varies its timing each year.

By the second half of October the presence of the first whales is already normal, when the dense and less dense waters circulate one over the other, in the sea they become like rivers, then the California current becomes a kind of river of very dense water that circulates towards the south.

The specialists point out that the issue of climate change should keep us very aware of what is going to happen in the rest of the world because if the poles are melting they are releasing colder, denser water, which will take its place in the currents and may cause changes in currents.

It is important to remember that the official whale watching season begins on December 8, so it is important to give them space and not to harass the first whales when they arrive.

In places like Baja California Sur, authorities from different levels are involved in the subject and have already called service providers to make preparations for the whale watching season, a subject in which this region is regularly lagging behind..