"Follies La Rouge"

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 A Broadway style show, New York style, now in Puerto Vallarta


Professional dancers, original choreographers, and talented singers performed on the stage of the Act II theater last Sunday, achieving the admiration of the audience present in a spectacular show they offered to the audience. 

The stage showed an excellent play of lights, music and sophisticated costumes that framed the presentation of the talented artists who overflowed with sensuality in each of the choreographies presented.

It is worth mentioning that the artistic talent is totally Vallartense. It has an important experience in the assembly of musical works of great level, thus pleasing the demanding public conformed by North Americans and Canadians who like this type of show, which in the case of "Follies La Rouge" offered a first level production.

The show presented dance musical genres, classic comedy, and sexy burlesque, with choreographies of the artistic director and professional dancer from New York, Kim La Rue, who currently resides in Puerto Vallarta, giving as a result a majestic show in Broadway style integrated by a great cast of professional singers, dancers, actors and acrobats. 

With the presentation of “Follies La Rouge,” it is clear that Puerto Vallarta has excellent theaters that offer quality shows, varied themes, original choreographies, and a whole cast that enjoys their work and exercises it with passion in a professional manner. 

Puerto Vallarta has been the stage of great and renowned artists of international stature and dancers recognized all over the world, as well as the famous Russian ballets that have been presented on stages such as New York, and they have also done it on the stages of Puerto Vallarta and with great success.