Forest Fire Consumes Part of Puerto Vallarta's Mountain

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They still have not been able to stop the fire in the mountains of the southern part of the bay; firefighters continue to fight it.

 A group of 55 firefighters and elements of the Municipal Civil Protection Unit have been working since Monday in the fight against a fire that is still out of control in the southern area of the mountains surrounding Puerto Vallarta. This fire, which had been considered extinguished, was reactivated in the last 36 hours due to the winds and embers that could not be extinguished. There is a main fire and another one in the surrounding areas in the zone of El Jorullo, in the limits of the municipality of Talpa and in the locality of El Cuale, reported the fire department to the municipal authorities who recognized that the fire is still out of control, although it had been mentioned on Tuesday that it was under control.

The interim municipal president himself, Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, informed that the fire has increased in intensity in the last hours and in the course of Tuesday required the support of more units and Fire and Civil Protection personnel, who have been working side by side since last weekend, since at first it was a matter of controlled burnings, known as coamiles, carried out by the farmers. "We are present in the area fighting the main fire, one of them in the south zone, and other deflagrations in the limits with Talpa de Allende, we already have 55 people in the place fighting the fire, and we have already sent a brigade