Fourth Vaccine Against Coronavirus Announced

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This week the dose will be applied to the population of 60 years of age and older.

Jalisco Health Authorities announced the details of the fourth vaccine against coronavirus, which will begin with the population aged 60 years and older.

This will be followed by health sector personnel, both from public and private institutions, who have received the first booster of the vaccine against covid-19.

According to the information provided, it will be necessary that at least four months have elapsed since the last application of the biological booster in this sector of the population.

As of this Tuesday, April 19, the entire state of Jalisco will be able to go for a new booster of the vaccine against covid-19 for people over 60 and over, this was confirmed by Jaime Alvarez Zayas, director of the Eighth Sanitary Region of the Jalisco Health Secretariat in Puerto Vallarta.

Federal authorities- headed by Operativo Correcaminos and the Secretary of Welfare- and the Secretary of Welfare gave their endorsement to follow the recommendation to protect priority groups with the application of a new booster, for which four months must have elapsed since the last application.

This intensive vaccination campaign will be carried out from April 19 to April 29th. In this regard, It is worth mentioning that the vaccine will be available at the seven health centers in Puerto Vallarta and at the Regional Hospital, as well as in the six municipalities that make up the Eighth Health Region