Free Internet For Puerto Vallarta

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Through the "Jalisco State Digital Network" project, Puerto Vallarta and it's inhabitants will benefit from free internet coverage.


Mayor Arturo Davalos Peña announced this project, consisting of the development of infrastructure, which will allow the expansion of free internet coverage in the municipality. "It's purpose is to reduce the digital gap that prevails today, through the shared deployment of public infrastructure that allows connecting government buildings, schools, health centers, public spaces and facilities with private infrastructure. All this to ensure that people living in our municipality have access to the internet," said Peña.

This project will be possible through an agreement of wills and will be celebrated by this municipality with the state government through the General Coordination of Government Innovation of the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of Administration, thus establishing the general bases to undertake coordinated actions in broadcasting, telecommunications, digital or electronic government, access to information technology, communication and everything related to the implementation, administration, maintenance, maintenance, continuity and development of this project. 

The agreement will be effective until December 5, 2024. By a qualified majority, the full City Council approved the execution of the collaboration and cooperation agreement with the state government. It should be noted that, as required by the guidelines for remote sessions, the members of the plenary building voted by roll call.

 The objective will definitely be the development of infrastructure to expand free internet coverage in the municipality and reduce the digital divide that prevails today, through the shared deployment of public infrastructure.