Health, a Priority Issue for Puerto Vallarta

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The municipality is certified as a health promoter.

"Today, the healthy environment and personal health have been revalued in the face of the situation we have been living for more than a year and a half with the Covid-19 pandemic, where the word prevention has taken on a magnitude as important as our life itself. Therefore, all the efforts we can promote to create healthy environments are a priority in our daily lives and in the communities, actions that should be reflected in the public policies that as a government we believe in for the welfare of our people". This was stated by Acting Mayor Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado during the unveiling of the plaque that certifies Puerto Vallarta as a Health Promoter. In the presence of aldermen, special guests from the health sector and authorities from Aguascalientes, the interim mayor pointed out that today they are celebrating the unveiling of this plaque, endorsing Puerto Vallarta's commitment to be a healthy and health promoting environment, seeking the protection and improvement of this issue at a local level, through a process that involves all sectors of society.

He pointed out that this achievement is the result of citizens and the three levels of government, to transform conditions at an individual and collective level for the health of all those who live, work and visit this municipality, recognizing the commitment they have with the future and present of this tourist destination. He mentioned that this certification reaffirms the commitment to continue making a team, working in unity and solidarity, and continue joining efforts to not lose, the route that has been traced so that every day we continue advancing in this priority issue. "Together we will move forward, together we will continue building a success story, Puerto Vallarta is prosperous and has a great future ahead, and today the health and well being of the families is the most important thing for us", he pointed out.