Impressive, It Was Left Under Water in Nayarit

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The island was literally under water after the passage of hurricane "Pamela"

On its path towards the state of Sinaloa, the tropical cyclone discharged a lot of water in the mountains of northern Nayarit, which caused the San Pedro River to overflow, bringing with it the severe flooding of the island. Mexcaltitán Island is one of the four magical towns of Nayarit (Compostela, Jala, Mexcaltitán and Sayulita) and today remains under water, with its economy at a standstill and awaiting assistance from the federal and state governments. Located in the municipality of Santiago Ixcuintla, the island of Mexcaltitán lives, above all, from tourism, which on this occasion will have to wait for the water to recede and for the rehabilitation process to begin.

The Streets Became Canals

According to the testimonies of the inhabitants of the magical island of Nayarit, the streets became canals with the overflowing of the river and it is definitely not possible for the inhabitants to receive tourism, indispensable for the economy of the community. The inhabitants of Mexcaltitán live from the sale of handicrafts, many of them made with the aquatic lily that surrounds the island, but its main attraction is the gastronomy, based on fish and shrimp. The San Pedro River also crosses the municipalities of Del Nayar, Ruiz and Tuxpan and extends to Santiago Ixcuintla. Last weekend, authorities from the three levels of government went to the town to deliver food supplies to the locals. For the time being, it is expected that the water level will go down to start cleaning houses and public places, and to promote the recovery of the island and the return of tourism, since for now the only way to bring aid is by means of pangas, which the neighbors themselves rent. Together with Santiago Ixcuintla, the other six municipalities of northern Nayarit that were declared disaster areas are Acaponeta, Huajicori, Tecuala, Tuxpan, Rosamorada and Ruiz.