Increased Surveillance in Marina Vallarta

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Starting next Saturday, surveillance in Marina Vallarta will be strengthened and the police presence at the accesses to the neighborhood will be reinforced, and as an additional security measure from eleven at night until six in the morning,

The only access to the neighborhood will be through Paseo de la Marina avenue, a decision that was made due to recent incidents that occurred in that area, reported Antonio García, manager of the Association of Residents of Marina Vallarta.

"Normally Marina Vallarta lives a quiet stage compared to other neighborhoods and other areas, Marina Vallarta is really calm, this week there were recorded in police reports incidents of home burglary and some robbery attempts that were not successful, but We did not want to wait any longer, and we decided to meet with the director of Citizen Security, this proposal was born to be able to have a control in the accesses, and leave only access in La Ballena.

"Every day from Saturday, after eleven o'clock at night you will only be able to enter Marina Vallarta because this will help us identify who enters and who leaves, and in a residential area where they are vulnerable, so what We do it for security, for protection, until today there have been no major incidents, fortunately, no case of injury or violence due to robbery, but we do have many indications that it is vulnerable because they have been detected by the cameras or we have been informed that yes there are people trying to steal ”. Antonio García pointed out.


In this sense, Antonio García stated that a consensus was reached among the settlers to make this decision, who spoke in favor because they want to feel more secure.

“I have made a consensus with the neighbors and they took it very well, the people want security, the people want to feel protected, and if these measures are going to help us prevent thefts, we are doing it, we do it with all the will to protect and to have tranquility in the neighborhood ”.

Next, the communiqué that was made to the settlers: "Community in general, residents and visitors:" The Association of Residents Marina Vallarta AC, in coordination with the Directorate of Citizen Security, informs them that the presence and vigilance in the accesses of the entrance to the fractionation, also as an additional security measure from Saturday, July 4, 2020, from 23:00 to 06:00 hours, the only access to the fractionation will be through Paseo de la Marina (Whale) Avenue. ; We appreciate your collaboration and understanding. Citizens and government work for the safety of our community. Board of Directors ”.