Infection Rate Remains Low in Vallarta Dropping Over 57% in November

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Remarkably, the number of infections by coronavirus continues its downward trend. 

During the month of November that ended this Monday, a total of 292 positive cases of the disease were reported and 9 deaths, figures much lower than the 686 infections and 36 deaths reported in October. Last night, the figures of the Jalisco Health Department confirmed that Puerto Vallarta closed the month of November with a 57.5 percent drop with respect to October and an average of 9.7 positive cases per day. Both figures are the lowest registered in Puerto Vallarta since last July when the coronavirus pandemic reached its peak in this city as a consequence of the constant rise registered since April.

Puerto Vallarta saw the first infection of the coronavirus appear on March 30th, and also reported its first death. In April 53 cases and 7 deaths (1.7 cases per day,) in May 191 cases and 18 deaths (6.1 cases per day,) June 580 cases and 28 deaths (19.3 cases per day,) July 107 cases per day and 70 deaths (35.7 cases per day,) August: 965 cases and 55 deaths (31.1 cases per day,) September 693 cases and 48 deaths (23.1 cases per day,) October 686 cases and 36 deaths (22.1 cases per day,) and November 292 cases and 9 deaths (9.7 cases per day.) According to the government of the state of Jalisco, in Puerto Vallarta things are being done well, although this does not mean that the coronavirus pandemic is under control. On the contrary, all health protocols and health prevention measures must be maintained between companies and the general population. That is why the Jalisco Secretary of Health insists daily that lowering the number of infections in the state is possible if the population collaborates with preventive measures that allow reducing the speed with which cases increase and cut the chain of transmission of infections.