Infractions for Parking in Prohibited Places Top the List With 506 Tickets.

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Vallarta Transit reported almost 1,700 infractions to drivers in August.

According to the monthly traffic report for the month of August, 1,467 tickets were issued to private vehicles for various infractions to the Traffic and Transportation Regulations, where public service vehicles received 063, while Federal Public Service Transportation received 24, for a total of 1,687 infractions, including motorcycles, where a decrease was noted, because last month there were 1,994. This was reported by the Deputy Director of Municipal Roads, Everardo Rubio Avalos, who according to the instructions of Mayor Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, has continued to apply the Traffic Regulations, in the fairest manner and in accordance with the law, and respect for human rights, so that drivers do not feel assaulted, but at the same time comply with their obligations as citizens.

The most recurrent infraction in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta continues to be parking in a prohibited place with 506, followed by not respecting the red light with 362, this only for cars, but motorcycles deserved the attention of the elements and 76 motorcycles were given a folio. A careful recommendation is to wear a helmet to drive these fragile vehicles and in case they do not do it, the infraction is issued, and here 52 were issued in total, while the previous month, 84 were issued. 14 were issued for driving without license plates and 4 for lack of lights. It is worth mentioning that for not using seat belts, there were 69, while the previous month there were 64, and the report shows that for using cell phones while driving, 150 people were violated, while for speeding there were 94.