Intense Army And Navy Operation Surprises Residents

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The operation began in the early hours of Thursday morning, alerting neighbors in the Marina Vallarta area

Residents of the Marina Vallarta subdivision experienced a tense Thursday morning with the operation carried out by the National Guard, the Army and the Navy in search of one or more organized crime bosses, although as is usually the case in this regard, secrecy prevailed regarding the activities carried out, and only some information was obtained by eyewitness observation and comments from eyewitnesses. The operation was carried out before dawn on Thursday with the presence of at least a dozen Army and National Guard vehicles that stealthily began to station themselves at various points along Gaviota Street as well as at the two entrances to the subdivision, both in the Ballena area and near the Plaza Punto Banderas, next to Plaza Marina. The Army, National Guard and Navy elements patrolled the area while other soldiers on foot were stationed at various strategic points along Gaviota Street and at the north and south entrances, to prevent any suspect or the person or persons sought from escaping on foot.

Military Movement Neighbors report that shortly before 7:00 a.m. they began to hear at least a couple of helicopters flying over the neighborhood at very low altitude, which woke them up and put them on alert. Some residents of Gaviotas Street who were already out doing their morning activities such as walking, jogging or walking their dogs were surprised to find that the street was practically taken over by this operation and had to identify themselves in order to leave. Mothers and fathers were also observed leaving with their children, who had to identify themselves at a corner with the soldiers in order to be able to leave the subdivision. In the streets surrounding Gaviota there were also some soldiers and members of the National Guard and the Navy, although in smaller numbers, although they were asking for identification, especially from people walking with backpacks or who did not seem to be residents of the area.

Search And Secrecy Later a crane arrived and in front of a house that was apparently searched, they removed a luxurious BMW van, which was taken to safeguard the investigation being carried out. Nothing was known about the search of the house, due to the secrecy that prevails in this type of actions. The neighbors in the area did not want to comment anything to the media, nor did they want to mention if they observed any suspicious movement in the house that was searched. Shortly after midday, the elements that carried out the operation withdrew in stages, although the helicopter overflight was maintained for a few more minutes. Tranquility in the area was gradually restored, and the neighbors began to go out to go about their daily activities.

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