Jalisco in Education Is a National Example Third Government Report

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Vaccination of teaching staff against covid-19.

In education, Jalisco sets the national example for the return to school: vaccination, infrastructure, connectivity, health care measures and school packages.

1. VACCINATION OF TEACHING STAFF AGAINST COVID-19. 161,065 doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 applied to teachers and administrative personnel in the period from April 28 to May 4, 2021. 93% of educational personnel vaccinated. 13 sites in the state enabled, two in the AMG.

2. RETURN TO CLASSES. 98.86 % of schools have remained open since the beginning of the school year thanks to the back-to-school model in Jalisco. 221,424,623 pesos of investment in health care supplies: anti-bacterial gel, mouth covers, sanitizer kits, thermometers, soap, chlorine and other items that benefit students, teachers, administrative and support staff.  The back-to-school model is flexible. Parents can choose whether their children's classes are face-to-face, distance or hybrid.

3. INFRASTRUCTURE AND EQUIPMENT. 3.25 billion pesos of investment from 2019 to 2021 in construction, expansion and rehabilitation of 723 educational centers in all regions. 190 million pesos of investment in furniture for 730 schools, which represents a benefit for 220,076 students in basic education.

4- HIGH-SPEED INTERNET CONNECTIVITY. With Red Jalisco, the governmental high-speed internet network that reaches the 125 municipalities of the state, 3,595 schools have already been connected, benefiting 1,102,888 students (74% of the total enrollment).

5. SCHOOL PACKAGES 'RECREA, EDUCATING FOR LIFE'. For the third consecutive year, Jalisco delivered school packages to children and adolescents in public preschool, primary and secondary schools in all regions: Quality backpacks. Complete school supplies. Uniforms of the right size. Tailor-made shoes. And this year we included washable mouth covers. 1,025,396,175 pesos of investment in 2021 to reach the 125 municipalities of the state. Savings of between 1,530 and 2,200 pesos per student for Jalisco families. 4,036 students and 1,090 teachers from 59 municipalities participated in 1,315 in the Jóvenes Recrea STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) challenge. Through the RecreaApp application, parents and guardians were able to consult and download 1,610,273 evaluation reports and 416,205 certificates of completion of basic education studies free of charge.