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Jorge Quintero Presented His Last Governmental Report

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Report of 6 years of Vallarta Presidency.

He gave an account of the works, programs and actions carried out in the last six years for the benefit of the population and this tourist destination
In a solemn session of the City Council, this Friday at 10:00 a.m., Acting Mayor Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado presented the 6th Report of Activities in which he announced the state of the municipal administration, as well as the main achievements and actions of the last six years of government. In the document that he will deliver to the full council, the mayor will make a balance of results and advances obtained in the different areas and services, highlighting the works and programs promoted for the benefit of the different sectors of Vallarta's population.

With a work based on honesty, simplicity and justice, Quintero Alvarado will also recount the actions carried out based on the five axes of government such as prosperous, functional, safe, fair and green city, addressing the needs and demands in each neighborhood and community of the municipality, hand in hand with the councilors and teaming up with the state and federal governments, businessmen, organizations, social leaders and society in general. In this sixth and last government report, the mayor of Vallarta will leave a record of the commitment acquired with this tourist destination and the citizens, to provide quality services, public works of high social impact, the promotion of the development of the communities and support to the most vulnerable sectors. The prioritization of works, programs and actions; the promotion of private investment to generate jobs and economic benefits, as well as the improvement of the tourist infrastructure to consolidate Puerto Vallarta as one of the most important destinations in the country and one of the safest and cleanest cities, will also be the subject of the government report to be presented by Jorge Quintero Alvarado.