Lack Of Signage Confuses Motorists

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Out of service toll booth of the new Jala-Puerto Vallarta highway stretch

In spite of the fact that the construction and equipment of the new toll booth of the new section of the Jala-Puerto Vallarta highway are finished, there are no personnel working at the toll booths, since there are only private security guards there, who are the ones who tell motorists to pass through the only free space, where the boom is raised. This was confirmed, after collecting the testimonies of travelers who traveled last weekend from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta, who explained that even the security elements, who wear black uniforms with industrial boots, try to support themselves with huge orange cones in order to prevent motorists from forming lines to make the payment. This causes the first traffic jam, since they cannot all exit freely until they reach the only lane open to the traffic.

According to official information, it was stated that the new stretch of road would have a toll booth, in which the general charge would be 60 pesos, however, those who know about toll booths can detail that the price of the toll varies according to the type of transportation in such a way that motorcycles, compact cars, tourist trucks, trailers and other vehicles are not charged in the same way. It is important to mention that at the other toll booths in the cashier's area there is a sign that calls attention: "respect the operators, they do their job. Prepare your fee before arriving at the cashier". What is a fact is that at this point is where the confusion of motorists is generated due to the lack of adequate signage before reaching the point of conflict, as required by the rules of road traffic. This is the reason why instead of reducing travel time, it takes longer. Finally, it should be noted that only vehicles coming from the city of Guadalajara can access the new section, not those coming from the city of Tepic or other parts of the territory

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