“Lluvia" the New Monumental Sculpture Donated by Artist Jovian to Puerto Vallarta

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The municipal president of Puerto Vallarta, Arturo Davalos Peña, headed the donation ceremony of the monumental sculpture entitled "Rain", a work of the Mexican artist Jovian which is located on the boardwalk of this tourist destination, at the height of Galeana Street, in the center of the city. 


The sculpture, which is three and a half meters high, weighs 650 kilos and has a commercial value of 60 thousand dollars. It was donated to the municipality through the Galería Corsica, through the Instituto Vallartense de Cultura (IVC), and presents the figure of a young man who, with open arms and his gaze on the sky, welcomes locals and visitors.

 "This beautiful sculpture comes to adorn the boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta", said the municipal president, in the presence of the owner of the Corsica Gallery, Jean Pierre Renucci, the president of the Municipal DIF System, Candelaria Tovar de Davalos, and the Director of IVC, Marina de los Santos Alvarez. Arturo Davalos Peña emphasized that the city is a great open-air gallery and the sculptural heritage of the municipality represents by itself a tourist attraction and is of cultural interest. 

"As our sculptures are promoted worldwide, the more people know about Puerto Vallarta," said the first mayor. Jean Pierre Renucci, on his part, underlined that the joint donation with the master and the Corsica Gallery is a sample of the gratitude of both to "a city that has given me a lot and it is only fair to give back what it deserves". "Vallarta,” said the artist, “deserves contemporary art of a good level". 


With the installation of "Lluvia," 149 sculptures have been registered to date in various public spaces in the city, reported the director of the Vallarta Institute of Culture (IVC), Marina de los Santos Álvarez. 

Of that total, she explained, 34 pieces of art are installed on the beachfront, with the "millennia" of Matice Lidice at the beginning of the boardwalk, on October 31st street, up to Pilitas beach where "El niño sobre el caballito de mar", by the master Rafael Zamarripa, is located, thus forming an interesting artistic and cultural corridor enjoyed by the local inhabitants and national and foreign tourists arriving in Puerto Vallarta.

Jovian, creator of the new sculpture, has been a resident of Puerto Vallarta for 21 years. As a plastic artist he has exhibited his work in museums and galleries in Mexico, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and France.