Long Lines Of Traffic In The City To Get Downtown

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Yesterday the lines of traffic from Francisco Medina Avenue to the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta

At this moment thousands of tourists are registered in all parts of the city, who have arrived from different parts of the Mexican Republic as well as from some cities of the United States, and have joined the traffic lines. And it is well known that the New Year's celebration in Puerto Vallarta is quite an event, starting from the yachts that are placed in the bay in front of the Malecon. Almost 80 yachts will be adorning the bay in front of the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta today to celebrate the New Year 2022, After preparations for the celebration have begun today by the municipal government of this city, which has prepared a great pyrotechnics that will beautifully light up the Port and the bay.

There will also be background music and municipal authorities will be present at this great event, which because of the pandemic had been forced to suspend and now they will celebrate it in a big way. It is important to note that it would be advisable not to bring your car downtown if you plan to celebrate New Year's Eve on the Malecon, as there is no parking for all the people who are still arriving and it will be a total chaos downtown and in the Romantic Zone, mainly because of this it is advisable not to bring your car or arrive very early, which will also be a traffic jam at the end of the celebration, just as a recommendation, but it is the decision of the person or tourist in this case.

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