Luis Reyes Brambila We Will Always Remember You a Great Man...my Best Friend.

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On Thursday morning, April 29th, Luis Reyes Brambila died at the age of 73. For more than 46 years Reyes Bambilla stood out in diverse social, political and cultural fields, where he earned the admiration and respect not only of his friends but also of the community of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

Founder and General Director of the newspaper Vallarta Opina, which opened its doors on May 13, 1978, he not only consigned the events that today are history, but he was also part of it. In 1980 he also opened the English newspaper Vallarta Today, and in 1994 he founded the newspaper Nayarit Opina. He made Vallarta Opina a newspaper focused on tourism, with which he formed solid relations with this sector, as well as with the business sector that recognized him as a promoter of this tourist destination, to the extent of placing a bust in the Lazaro Cardenas Plaza. Luis Reyes Brambila is part of Puerto Vallarta's history. Luis Reyes Brambila wrote and edited nine books among which stand out: "Mexicana de Aviacion: 50 years in Puerto Vallarta", Puerto Vallarta: 150 years of history; "Kenna: when destiny caught up with us", "Vallarta Opina: 30 years", "Puerto Vallarta, past, present and future", Bahia de Banderas: a history, and the most recent one in 2018, "Puerto Vallarta: 100 years".

Who was Luis Reyes Brambila

As a human being he was a person with a great sense of humor, who liked to make jokes, charismatic but at the same time he was a man who took his work very seriously, and always in a very professional manner, a very intelligent man who cared for the benefit of Puerto Vallarta. He is survived by his beloved daughters Sofia, Cristina, Jessica and Patricia. We will always remember him as a great man, a great father, a great brother and a great son. The Vallarta Today newspaper regrets the death of such an illustrious character much admired and loved by friends and businessmen who deeply regret his passing. I still remember almost every day we talked and he was always in a good mood, but always thinking about the kind of reports he would ask me to do, I always kept a close relationship with him, because he understood perfectly what I wanted to publish, besides having very satisfactory experiences, and planning together reports, as well as important notes, I had the experience of knowing him more closely and knowing what a great person he was and how he supported many Vallartenses. May Luis Reyes Brambila rest in peace.
Santini Bracho, Director/Editor of Vallarta Today and journalist of the Editorial Group Vallarta Opina

All of us have been fortunate to have enjoyed the distinct pleasure of being a friend and associate of Mr. Luis Brambila “ in our experience, his most revered characteristic was he always did his best to do what he said he would do.  His support and his love for Vallarta was unwavering.
Luis will be missed by many, QEPD.
Tom Egan, Publisher of Vallarta Today.

luis brambila daughter

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