March on the Malecon, for Life and for Women

Around The Bay
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Hundreds of people marched this Sunday along the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta.

The march, carried out by the organization Mujer y Vida, started very early in the morning from Hidalgo Park -in the center of the city- towards the Malecon and was characterized by its good and orderly organization. Most of the attendees wore white, carrying blue and pink balloons, as well as banners and placards with messages and legends in which they showed their support for women and life, there were even some who wore T-shirts that read: "We pray for the end of abortion. 40 days for life".

There were also adult women who carried a banner with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the legend: "United in prayer for the end of abortion and the end of the pandemic. Help save lives. 40 days for life. We pray for you and your baby." Along the route along the Malecon promenade, the participants -all wearing masks- shouted pro-women and pro-life slogans. The people walked to the Aquiles Serdán auditorium, in the area of the arches, where there were also chants and speeches in favor of life and against abortion. Around 12 noon, a good part of the people went to the church of Guadalupe, where a mass was offered. According to Mujer y Vida, more than a thousand civil society organizations from all Mexican states marched peacefully this Sunday, October 3, to propose a great national agreement that allows for the protection of women and life from conception to natural death.