Meeting of Officials One Year After the Pandemic

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The meeting was headed by the commander of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

Captain Sergio Araujo, commander of the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta, who was in charge of the meeting and who headed this reunion, emphasized the importance of the union that must exist between authorities of the three levels in order to obtain a greater effectiveness in the face of any problem that may arise; since nowhere else in Mexico is there such a consolidation between authorities as Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and the Federation. With more than 20 years in function, the CAFEM has brought together authorities from the three levels of government, where important issues of relevance for this city are discussed.

The meetings of the Council of Federal, State and Municipal Authorities is unique in Mexico for the format, fraternity and solidarity in which it has been held for more than 20 years, in which practically all the public institutions of the three levels of government are present. This type of linkage greatly facilitates the work that the authorities carry out in the state of Jalisco, where they work with brotherhood. It is worth mentioning that all the members of the council were introduced, due to the integration of new leaders and directors who took office with the change of administration. The meeting was held in a well known hotel in Puerto Vallarta where a minute of silence was also observed for three of their colleagues who unfortunately passed away during the last year. After a year of inactivity due to the pandemic, it was only now possible to resume their on-site activities.