More Than 3 Thousand Infractions Were Registered In Vallarta

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Municipal Transit reported that most of them were for parking in prohibited places.

In the month of October, 2,414 tickets were issued to private vehicles for various infractions to the Mobility and Transportation Regulations, where Public Service vehicles received 166, while Federal Public Service vehicles received 62 and motorcyclists 390 for a total of 3,032 infractions. This was reported by the Deputy Director of Municipal Roads, Jorge Alberto Castillo Nuñez, who according to the instruction of Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodriguez has been enforcing the Mobility Regulations, with due respect to human rights, so that drivers comply with their obligations as citizens. The most recurrent infraction in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta was for parking in a prohibited place with 969, but also standing out was not respecting a red light, which was 462, while not using a seat belt was 164 tickets. Continuing with the drivers, the report shows that 191 were violated for using a cell phone while driving, while 79 for speeding, 30 for driving while intoxicated and 441 for "others", such as making a forbidden turn, not having lights, etc. The new infraction of using or parking in bicycle lanes stands out, with 78 infractions.

In motorcycles, there were 390 infractions, 149 for not wearing a helmet, 95 for lack of lights, 45 for driving without license plates, 23 for not respecting red lights and 78 for "others". In public transportation there was a decrease in the number of infractions to the regulation and for example in the line of circulating with doors open, there were 03; in the one of not respecting the red light, there were 33 and the one that takes the month is the one of making base or place in prohibited place with 79 and for speeding only 03 and in the one of "others" they reach 42. In Operation "Saving Lives" of the breathalyzer, 221 tests were performed, where 199 were to male drivers and only 22 to female drivers, resulting in 80 positives (08 women), leaving 37 vehicles detained and only 11 drivers in the police station, most of them paying their fines on the spot.

There were also 15 motorcycles detained for various infractions. Of the 246 crashes recorded, 206 were settled and the other 40 were handed over to the authorities. There were 336 vehicles involved, 55 of which were at the disposal of the M.P. and the others with Vialidad, in addition to 68 motorcycles, where 06 motorcyclists were injured and the M.P. took knowledge of them. In the infractions it is worth mentioning that 100 private vehicles were at the disposal of the Vialidad Municipal and in the line of motorcycles, 62 were retained for not bringing their documentation in order.