Motorcycle Riders Are Detained For Not Having License Plates

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The surveillance operations continue with the Subdirection of Municipal Roads, headed by Everardo Rubio Avalos, and this past Tuesday were carried out in several avenue cruises of the city resulting in 22 vehicles being seized, 21 motorcycles and one truck, for not having current license plates. 



The motorcycle operations began on Avenida Los Poetas and Avenida México, but later moved to Avenida Francisco Villa and Avenida Fluvial Vallarta and then to Avenida Las Torres and González Gallo, resulting in 66 violations. 


The breakdown of the infractions indicates that 18 motorcycles and one truck were detained for lack of license plates, one more was detained for carrying a hidden license plate, three were detained for lack of documents for sedan vehicles, 27 motorcycles were detained for having their lights turned off, and another 17 were detained for not wearing a helmet, for a total of 21 motorcycles seized and one vehicle stopped.


It should be remembered that motorcyclists must bring their license plate and updated documents, must have their lights on, and ride in the assigned lane. Those with cylinder capacity above 150 c.c. can ride in the central lanes and those with lower cylinder capacity in the side lanes. Rubio Avalos commented that the Mobility Regulations have continued to be applied in the fairest manner and always respecting human rights, according to the instructions of Mayor Arturo Davalos Peña, so that drivers can fulfill their obligations as citizens without feeling attacked by the operatives.