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Naval Personnel Joined to the Emergency Efforts

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By activating its Marine Plan in relief phase

The Secretary of the Navy of Mexico through the Eighth Naval Zone informed to have activated the Navy Plan in its relief phase in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in order to support the civilian population after the damages caused by the passage of hurricane "Nora". Vallarta Today was able to see Naval personnel making tours through the most affected areas of the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, assisting in the removal and cleaning of the first part of the city. They also assisted in the evacuation of the municipal market of Puerto Vallarta. It should be noted that the purpose of the relief phase is to safeguard human life, property, the productive plant, preserve public services and the environment.

It is important to remember that this type of natural phenomena such as hurricanes may continue to occur, therefore it is recommended to take into account the following preventive actions: keep personal documentation inside a waterproof backpack or bag, as well as a first aid kit, radio, lamp with spare battery, reserve drinking water in containers with lids, canned food, medicines and clothes. Similarly, during the development of an event should remain calm and keep the family together in one place, use the phone only to report an emergency such as gas leaks, injuries and power failures. The Secretary of the Navy of Mexico, reiterates its commitment to support citizens in situations that endanger their lives, suggesting to attend all the recommendations indicated by the authorities of Civil Protection, Port Captaincy and Naval Personnel.