Naval Zone Hospital Ready for the Application of the Second Pfizer Dose

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Carlos Pizano Ramirez, director of the Puerto Vallarta Naval Hospital gave an interview for Vallarta Today and was asked how many doses he received and how many will be applied in this phase.

He replied "we are supposed to apply the same amount of doses as last time which were 2300 vaccines, but now from the first shipment that arrived yesterday April 4th, we received about 2000, so on Wednesday probably another shipment will arrive and with that we would be completing the amount assigned, for now the instruction we have is to apply only second doses to the people who were vaccinated in the first phase.” When we asked him about the alphabetical order programming, he answered “in other centers they decided to do it by last names, but we were given the freedom that as we already had our platform and the personnel, we will organize it so we are calling them by phone so that they come on the days we have programmed, which are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So we will do it as on the previous occasion to try to facilitate the process and not crowd them in the morning. Today we started to communicate with the people we vaccinate to try to accommodate them. In any case if someone comes and there is a place we will gladly attend them. In fact, this morning we have planned to apply 990 doses tomorrow, Tuesday, and in the other two days we will complete the 2300 doses, and if there were to be any left over, we will ask for instructions to see if we could send more people from other modules and those doses would be made available, but only as long as they are second doses. It is urgent because it is time to complete the second doses. People have spoken to us to apply a first dose of the vaccine, but we have told them that it is only for those who have already applied the first dose.”

 It is very important to point out that it is only for those who have had the Pfizer vaccine, since brands cannot be mixed, so they must bring their proof of the first dose in order to get their second dose, and verify that they have had the first vaccine. The technical norms that are approved in Mexico are second doses from the same pharmaceutical company, in this case Pfizer. However, there have been people who have asked to get the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine even when they have been given another brand, as other countries have allowed.

Regarding the site centers, this time they should preferably be roofed places, so that people are not too hot for a long time, unlike last time when the weather conditions were different and some were held outdoors. This time the naval hospital will be doing it in the waiting room of the hospital, which is very spacious and air-conditioned so that the people are more comfortable. 

Ramirez wishes to thank the trust of the people who were very happy with the application and the mechanism used in the first phase of the vaccine application. He commented “they have told us that they want to be vaccinated here and that is precisely why they gave us the facility to decide the process to vaccinate the same people we already vaccinated. In the case of the North Americans who were vaccinated, foreign residents have already been notified and they have been calling us and have been coming to ask questions. Fortunately there is a lot of bilingual personnel and they have been able to be attended in this hospital without any problem, and they were given information that they will be attended these three days. On their voucher sheet for the first dose, they only have to fill out that it is their second dose, and that they have already completed their schedule.” The application of the vaccine will be from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and everyone scheduled will be vaccinated. Ramirez commented that there is no reason to come early as it is unnecessary to wait for hours. 

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