No Celebration on the Malecon This September 15th.

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This year the national holidays will not be celebrated on the Malecon as in previous years

According to the Board of Health, Puerto Vallarta will not celebrate the national holidays this September 15, as informed by Mayor Jorge Quintero. On the other hand, a 25 percent flow rate has been authorized for nightclubs, bars and taverns, 50 percent for restaurants and 80 percent for hotels. There will be no festive activities, only a Streaming transmission that will be available to the public. There will be no patriotic celebrations, there will be a Streaming only a video recording together with city councilors and civil and military authorities to commemorate this day, which by tradition has to be commemorated, this is what the mayor of Puerto Vallarta informed.

In accordance with the contagion figures that have continued to be presented in the Port, he made a call to the population not to lower their guard with the sanitary prevention measures, since there is still a risk of contagion of covid-19, for which reason it has been suggested not to go out of the house, only in the most indispensable. Regarding the swearing-in ceremony, Jorge Quintero mentioned that there will be only one event, that is to say, it will only be a solemn session at ten o'clock in the morning, with aldermen and a maximum of one hundred guests. There will not be an event at the municipal palace in the central part of the patio, it will be on Friday at 9:00 am. No general invitation was made, there will not be an event, it is only an event to comply with the law. He also emphasized that the Mesa de Salud will be the last one to be held, since with the emergency caused by "Nora" there is saturation of work and he trusts that the next president-elect will give it continuity.