North Americans Happy to Receive Their Vaccine at the Naval Hospital

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Amidst the locals, hundreds of tourists came to get vaccinated in PV.

The third and last day of vaccination of the second dose of Pfizer's biologic in Puerto Vallarta concluded in order and without setbacks. At the Naval Hospital, which operated as one of the seven modules set up in the Port, the foreigners commented to this newspaper that they were very happy to have been vaccinated at this hospital, and said they felt very proud to be able to set foot in the facilities of the Naval Hospital. They affirmed that they were surprised that this hospital was a first class facilitiy and was especially well organized and clean. The foreigners commented to the director of the Puerto Vallarta Naval Hospital, Carlos Pizano;  "It is an honor to be able to be in your facilities, Captain."

They continued, "Thank you very much, everything was very fast and they explained everything to us before applying the vaccine, from opening the packaging of the syringe. Everything was new and in the appropriate temperature, and everything was done quickly and very cleanly. We are very grateful and we came here because we trust you. They checked our blood pressure and asked us questions about our state of health, and we did not feel it when they applied the vaccine. How fast and efficient! Then we went to an observation area where the doctors were checking us to make sure that we were fine…thank you very much." 


 It is worth mentioning that a day before the vaccinations began Vallarta Today was granted access to the facilities by order of the director of the hospital, Carlos Pizano Ramirez, and we noticed for ourselves the place was in perfect order. From the arrangement of the chairs in perfect alignment, to the extreme cleanliness of the air-conditioned area, it was an ideal location for the application of the dose. The captain informed that the doses were in a sheltered area and ready to be used the following day, which would have been the first day of vaccination.

People scheduled to recieve the vaccine had been called, and were already given an appointment, which ensured that order was maintained at all times. As they arrived they verified that it was the second dose and that they had marked the application of the first dose, as well as that it was the same pharmaceutical. Everything was registered in computers and was well planned, so the event went very smoothly and orderly during the three days of vaccination.