Obstacles Will Be Removed From Sidewalks

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With the program Dignified sidewalks for all

Aldermen and officials of the municipal government analyzed in a work session the municipal initiative for the implementation of the "Dignified Sidewalks for All" program, which seeks to generate the necessary conditions for mobility in our city to be inclusive and accessible to all.

It was during the session of the Land Management Commission, chaired by Councilman José Rodríguez González, held in conjunction with the commissions of Public Safety and Transit, and Regulations and Constitutional Points, where this initiative presented during the month of February in the full City Council by Councilman Pablo Ruperto Gómez Andrade was reviewed, where in addition to knowing the objectives it pursues for the benefit of the entire population, allowed councilors, directors and officials from different municipal agencies, to contribute their points of view to enrich this work.


The objective of Decent Sidewalks for All is to generate suitable and safe conditions for free pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks and streets of our municipality, with the proper adaptation of the infrastructure to give priority to those who have reduced or limited mobility and must use some type of auxiliary. It also seeks to ensure that they are clear and free of encroachment by private individuals.

To this end, actions are proposed such as: informative awareness campaigns so that citizens become aware and avoid obstructing the sidewalks, that the different areas correctly apply the regulations and laws in force, and maintain permanent operations for this purpose.

In addition, sanctions will be applied to those who do not comply with the provisions of the municipal regulations.

It was made clear that this is not a collection program, but seeks to raise awareness so that each citizen does his or her part and the common good is privileged, remembering that we are all pedestrians at some point and we have the human right to travel safely.