Operations Begin at the PV Convention Center

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The Puerto Vallarta Convention Center will once again host a congress during the month of April, after a year of suspension of activities due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

From April 28th to May 4th, the Global Access Bars Class congress will be held at the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center (CICPV). The director of the federal venue Magaly Fregoso Ortiz highlighted the confidence that exists in the center’s acceptance of the challenge of working on the hybrid events and the activities that will be transmitted via streaming. She affirmed that the biosecurity protocols will be taken care of, for which reason the necessary supplies have been acquired to guarantee the success and health of those attending the event, which will be held over six days.

In addition, the International Convention Center of Puerto Vallarta has been enabled for the application of Covid-19 to adults over 60 years of age, and also for the second application. The center will also host  a cheerleading event organized by Cop Brands scheduled for May 6th.


Fregoso Ortiz indicated that the format of the event will be in a hybrid mode, since only 500 people will attend in person, in order to cover the health protocols to avoid contagion of coronavirus. 


This reactivation will be carried out in compliance with all the protocols of the "new normality." Furthermore, technology has been acquired to take care of the protocols. Some of the measures that have been implemented include a thermographic camera, special services for air conditioners, disinfectant mats, mouth covers, antibacterial gel and masks for personnel, as well as the acquisition of an electrostatic fogging backpack.