Pfizer "Second Dose" Vaccine to be Applied this Tuesday, April 6th In Puerto Vallarta

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Petersen Aranguren emphasized that seniors who received another brand vaccine should not go to the modules in Vallarta, since different brands cannot be mixed. 

The Secretary of Health for Jalisco informed through social networks that the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine that was already applied once to adults over 60 years of age, will continue with a second dose that should be applied in the upcoming days. Local and foreign community members of Vallarta that applied the first dose should be informed to prepare to receive the second Pfizer vaccine. He also mentioned that it is very important that those who applied the vaccine for the first time be attentive in the modules of which they recieved it to be correctly informed of their second application, since vaccines of one brand or from different pharmaceutical companies cannot be mixed.

Petersen pointed out that the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is already available for older adults who received the Pfizer vaccine in Puerto Vallarta. He explained "we have 21,580 doses that will be applied to these seniors, and we remind you that if you have had any other vaccine do not come, because we cannot cross vaccines of one brand to another. It is very important to tell you that the vaccination will begin on April 6th in Puerto Vallarta. We are waiting for our seniors who have already received their first dose of Pfizer and who are very enthusiasticly waiting for their second dose. Against Covid in Jalisco, we do not lower the guard."


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