Premiere Of A Film Shot In Puerto Vallarta

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Several locations in different destinations in Jalisco will be featured.

The film "Agua de Arrayán", which deals with the ancient tradition of the Pilgrim's Route, the reason for the visit to the Western Sierra, will soon be released in Mexico, and has been filmed in Guadalajara as well as in different locations in Puerto Vallarta. The debut film was shot by Alejandro Robles Gil, a 33-year-old photographer from Guadalajara, who focuses on the procession that takes place every year from different parts of the state, and even from other states, to Talpa de Allende, where the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary is located. It is an independent film that cost 10 million pesos in which Robles was director, producer and writer of the script. The cast includes José Carlos Ruiz, Lucía Guilmain, Itatí Cantoral, Michelle Rodríguez, Eduardo Santamarina, Roberto Espejo, Daniela Lujan, Alberto Estrella, Luis Fernanda Peña and Isaac Ledezma is the main character.

The film was shot in Tala, Ameca, Guachinango, Mixtlán, Atenguillo, Mascota, Talpa, also Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, due to restrictions in the operations for the realization of the film there were delays but finally it was successfully concluded. THE PLOT After an unfortunate event, a father sets out on the Pilgrim's Route in search of a miracle and answers that will give a new meaning to his life through faith. This gives rise to the central theme, this tradition of Jalisco which is the Pilgrim's Route to Talpa de Allende. Alejandro Robles points out that it is a project that was made "with a lot of heart, with little money, but that we want to put very high in our state and in our country. The name of the tape came about because along the way there are several points where food and myrtle water is sold, a fruit that grows along the route and which also has relaxing properties".

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