Puerto Vallarta About To Receive Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine

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More than 21,000 senior citizens have been waiting for a few days to receive the second booster dose. 

The Secretary of Health of Jalisco informed this Tuesday that in a few more days the second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, applied for the first time in this region to adults over 60 years of age between the 25th and 28th of last February, will arrive in Puerto Vallarta and the rest of the municipalities of the northern coast of Jalisco.

It was the state agency itself that informed then that the application of the second booster dose against the coronavirus would be ready three weeks later, a date that was reached last March 21st, in view of the uncertainty that prevails among the adults to whom the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine was applied and who are now wondering when the second booster application will take place.

However, the Secretary of Health of Jalisco has already confirmed that the second dose is on its way and could begin to be applied as of next weekend or the middle of the following week. In the first stage of vaccination of adults over 60 years of age in Puerto Vallarta and municipalities of the northern coast of Jalisco, the health authorities applied a total of 21,400 doses distributed in 15 modules of attention, which fulfilled the goal in only 4 days.

Regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine, the health authorities in the state acknowledged that there is a delay in the arrival of the necessary doses to finish the vaccination process among those who received the first dose of the biologic, without having been able to establish so far the date on which they could be available in the state and municipalities.