Puerto Vallarta And Canada To Work Together On Security Issues

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Authorities of this port and Canadian embassy meet to work together on security and tourism issues.

Municipal authorities and officials of the Canadian Embassy held a first collaboration and communication approach to analyze and undertake joint strategies in security matters, since Puerto Vallarta is a destination of great interest for the Canadian government, as it is an important point of visit and residence for its population. In a meeting recently held by public servants of the city council, headed by the municipal trustee Juan Carlos Hernandez Salazar on behalf of Mayor Luis Alberto Michel, with Catherine Genois, Deputy Manager of the Security and Preparedness Program of the Canadian Embassy, Roberto Guerrero, officer of the Security and Preparedness Program and Lama Lahoud, Consular agent in Puerto Vallarta, discussed various topics of interest for the country, while learning about the actions already being carried out by the present municipal administration in the area of attention to foreign and national visitors and security care. On the part of the Tourism Department, the points of attention that the agency has for the support and orientation of visitors, as well as the services it offers, were made known.

The same was done by the Civil Protection and Fire Department, where the Canadian representation in the region will be included in the Civil Protection Council of the municipality, for greater communication in case of emergencies derived from natural phenomena. Likewise, the Directorate of Citizen Security explained the new strategies being worked on in order to have a police force with greater social proximity and the QR code project that has already begun to be placed in signage, starting in the Marina Vallarta area and will be extended throughout the municipality, as well as in the labeling of the corporation's units, He made it clear that this service does not replace the emergency calls to 911, but rather allows for a more rapid response while the corresponding report is being made.

The municipal trustee expressed the interest that the government of Prof. Michel has in working closely with the different sectors of the city, especially in such important issues as security and tourism promotion, in such a way that efforts will continue to be redoubled so that tourism, in this case Canadian tourism, continues to come to Puerto Vallarta, as this indicates that they feel safe in our municipality and we must continue working so that this perception prevails. Catherine Genois, thanked the disposition found in this government to work in collaboration and assured that Puerto Vallarta is a very important place for the embassy. Likewise, Lama Lahoud expressed the support of the Canadian authorities for the vision that the current city council has in matters of security and to make this one of the best ports in Mexico.